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“JDH Healthcare Institute is the premier training institute for the last 8 years which provides dedicated training courses to learn Endoscopy, Hysteroscopy, and Rhinoplasty. It is an approved Centre by FOGSI for laparoscopy training. We believe in practical learning and therefore our courses are supported with audio-visual sharing of knowledge. The Institute was founded by Dr. Sushila Saini in 2012 to share the knowledge of endoscopy with all the practicing doctors and residents who want to excel in the field. Another important objective of starting the Institute was training more and more gynaecologists into minimal access surgery techniques so that every patient could have the benefit of laparoscopy. This will make the endoscopic surgery affordable for every strata of society as earlier endoscopic surgery was assumed to be surgery for affluent people only.”

About the Founder

JDH Healthcare Training Institute was founded by Dr. Sushila Saini in the year 2012 to enhance the knowledge of practicing doctors and residents for endoscopy procedures. The Institute aims to provide training to all those gynaecologists who want to excel in minimal access surgery techniques so that the patients can benefit from the laparoscopy procedures. Dr. Sushila Saini founded the Rajasthan Society of Gynae Endoscopists, named Association of Gynae Endoscopic Surgeons of Rajasthan (AGESR). She also organizes an annually dedicated endoscopic conference named Raj Endo Gynae Update and many other dedicated workshops. She believes sharing of knowledge always increases it and trainers also learn while training other


Training programs offered by JDH Healthcare Training Institute

  • FOGSI certified hands-on courses for 7 days/ 15 days
  • Fellowship in endoscopy for 3/ 6 month or 1 year
  • Prolapse surgery training workshops
  • Endometriosis surgery training workshops
  • TLH hands-on workshop
  • Hysteroscopic hands-on workshop

Why join the online Master Course for Gynae Endoscopy?

“At JDH Healthcare Training Institute, we are regularly conducting many hands-on courses and Fellowship programs for Gynae Endoscopy. This time we come up with online courses as physical training and Hands-on courses are difficult to organize due to the existing Coronavirus pandemic. We believe that learning should not be stopped by any means.”

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MCGE Course Outline

The precise 2-week course will provide complete knowledge of endoscopy from basic to advanced level as we will start from basics like how to start endoscopy, OR setup then endo-vision system, instruments, and their ergonomics, their maintenance, etc. Thereafter, we will move on to clinical lectures and unedited video demonstration exactly like you see in any operation theatre live. So, the trainees can pick every small detail of surgery to improve their surgery skills.

The course is supported by the pelvic endo-trainer practice guidance so you can simultaneously develop hand-eye coordination and learn to suture. A surgeon who wants to learn endoscopy should practice at least 2 hours daily for 3 months to develop hand-eye coordination as learning laparoscopy is nothing other than developing hand-eye coordination.

We had included all common procedures like total laparoscopic hysterectomy, myomectomy, ovarian cystectomy, prolapse surgery, etc. Moreover, we will provide you the opportunity to visit us in the operation theatre for 2 days which can be scheduled as per your convenience and comfort. In the 2 days session, you will get the chance to watch and perform surgery assisted by us.

Finally, at the end of the course, you will be provided with an e-certificate and you will see that you are now geared up with required knowledge to start the endoscopy. So, don’t miss the chance to learn and upgrade your skills and become a proficient endoscopic surgeon.

Comprehensive lecture series by Dr. Sushila Saini for MCGE

  • Optics and endo-vision system
  • Sterilization and maintenance of lap instruments
  • Science of Energy
  • Pelvic anatomy through the endoscope
  • Entry into abdomen
  • Ergonomics in laparoscopy
  • TLH – basic tips and tricks to make it easy
  • Lap Myomectomy - tips and tricks for hassle-free surgery
  • All about the management of prolapse
  • Methods of tissue retrieval in laparoscopy and port closure techniques
  • Lap management of Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Mullerian anomalies management and neo vagina creation by laparoscopy
  • Complications and their Management in Lap Gynae Surgery.

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