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Welcome to Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital

One of the exclusive superspecility Hospital of it’s own kind situated in the heart of city near metro station resolving the convenience problem, JDH dealing exclusive in EAR,NOSE & THROAT disease and gynae laparoscopy surgeries. Hospital dedicated for minimal invasive and endoscopic surgeries. Our moto is only to treat all patients with minimal pain and discomfort, early discharge from hospital and minimize suffering of individual women and children. Hospital also oriented to early discharge from hospital to minimize economic lose of patient and their family member and minimize hospital acquired infections. We see our hospital as highest organization of excellence in delivering quality and advanced health care services and surgical techniques in ENT & Gynae to all section of society at affordable cost. We also aim JDH as premier institute of laparoscopy Training center.


Women's health is a very critical component of any hospital's offering. Right from puberty to pregnancy, child birth to menopause, women go through a host of health issues which need to be addressed from time to time.
At Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital Gynecologists provides the best quality diagnostic, therapeutic, surgical and counseling facilities for women. JDH is well-equipped with sophisticated delivery rooms and gynecological conversant operation theatres with advanced and modern equipment to cater to all types of birthing procedures and operations.

Known About TLH:-

Whenever any women is suffering with heavy menses, pain lower abdomen, Excessive white discharge, Low Back Ache. Fibroid Uterus from long time & not benefited by medicines, she generally advised to remove her uterus commonly known as hysterectomy operation.
Hysterectomy operation is a major operation which can be reformed in three ways:

  • Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (TAH)
  • Vaginal Hysterectomy (VH)
  • Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (TLH)

Total Abdominal Hysterectomy (TAH):-

TAH is most commonly performing operation for uterus removal. It is 100 year back technique in which a large incision given on abdomen and surgery performed by gloved hand, cotton, bandage, thread & scissor leading to so much infection, tissue damage and a large scare mark on abdomen & huge post-operative pain resulting in need of high dose of pain killer injection and antibiotics for prevention of infection. Now you can get independence from this all old fashioned methods.

TLH is Latest Technology for Uterus Removal.

TLH needs only small 1 cm hole near umbilicus and 5mm hole in sides through which endoscope (Doorbeen) and other long and thin instrument passed in abdomen and whole uterus separated from its attachment with special instrument enseal ( J & J) which seal & cut the blood vessels supplying the uterus delivered out vaginally in-Toto & send for biopsy. In this operation only one stitch applied below umbilicus, patient can move around after 2 to 3 hour of surgery and can be go home after 12-24 hours of surgery. There is no incisor on abdomen resulting in minimum post-operative pain & infection leading to minimum dose of pain killer and antibiotics. As patient, allowed taking orally after 6 to 12 hour decreases needs of intra-venous fluid (Drip). Patient can resume house hold activities in 2-3 days and she can take regular bath after this surgery as small hole are covered with waterproof dressing. Patient can resume full normal work within a week time. As blood loss is minimum (100 ml) in this surgery no post-operative weakness left. This is a mind blowing technique of uterus removal leading to improved and better sexual health as women free from all kind of pain, menses and tension of getting pregnant.

Other Services:-

PCOD Clinic:-
  • Most common problems in teen age girls due to stressful living in today’s teenage and dietary habits leading to irregular menses in young girls.
  • In Jaipur Doorbeen hospital you will get total solution of these kinds of problems by our expert team.
Menopause Clinic: -
  • Every woman has to face menopausal symptom in their life when menses stops at any age.
  • Most women suffer from hot flushes loss or sleep, anxiety, depression, modeswings due to hormonal insufficiency after menopause.
  • When you consult our experts you will get rid of all these symptoms easily with minimum medicines.

Cervical Cancer: -

  • As every woman is at risk of cervical cancer at any age because Indian women are more at risk of having cervical cancer. This realizes us the need of prevention and early diagnosis of cervical cancer.
  • Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital gives you proper prevention of Ca-cervix by simple vaccine and by simple test of cervix (pap's smear) which diagnoses Ca-Cx at a very early stage so that it can be fully treated in very early stage and very economic also.
ENT(Ear, Nose and Throat)

One of the best and renowned hospitals in private sector in Jaipur which gives sensible care and treatment in the hands of eminent surgeons and skilled staff in addition to extraordinary services and friendly atmosphere.
The Hospital is well-equipped with fully functional operation theatres for various ENT & Head and Neck Operations.
The Out patients Department is fully equipped for necessary services and investigations.
These include

  • Audiometry,
  • Electro-nystagmography,
  • Impedance Audiometry,
  • BERA,
  • Hearing Aid facilities,
  • Speech Therapy,
  • Sleep Study Laboratory,
  • Video Endoscopy,
  • Radiology,
  • Clinical Laboratory,
  • Allergic testing and
  • Electrocardiogram

The Ear

Diagnostic facilities, different type of hearing test by expert audiologist;
Audiometric test and hearing aid facilities,
Diagnosis and management of vertigo;
Treatment of stammering as well as other speech disorder
Oto-endoscopy and EUM (examination under microscope)

Surgical or Therapeutic

This includes medical and surgical treatment for recurrent ear discharge and decreased hearing. Surgical treatment is done by various newer surgical techniques including

  • Interlay tympanoplasty and intact canal wall mastoidectomy techniques that permit same day discharge to patient.
  • Also done tympanoplasty by transcanal technique (without CHIRA-PHAD and without TANKA) that is best for army aspirant youngsters .
  • Other includes management of balance disorders, facial nerve or cranial nerve disorders, as well as management of congenital (birth) defect of ear.

The Nose

This include

  • Management of nasal obstruction by endoscopic septoplasty,
  • Turbino-plasty and
  • Treatment of external deformity of nose (traumatic and congenital) by technique of facial plastic surgery (rhinoplasty).
  • Diagnosis and management of nasal allergy by recent advance technique of allergy test.
  • diagnosis and treatment of mouth breathing in children and adult by recent advance surgical micro-debrieder system and
  • Treatment of continuous water discharge from eye by endo-nasal DCR.
  • The other facilities endoscopic management of emergencies like foreign body nose in children and nasal bleeding ,
  • Disorder of smell and discharge from nose.
  • Diagnosis and management of sinuses related disorder by advance endoscopic surgical technique of FESS.

The Head and Neck

In the head and neck area, an ENT specialist treats infectious diseases of oral cavity, tumors (both benign and malignant/cancerous), facial trauma, and deformities of the face. They perform cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery.
Also specific to the diagnosis and management of voice related disorder and disorder of upper aero-digestive tract like difficulty in swallowing. An ENT specialist may work with a team of doctors in other medical and surgical specialties. Common ground is shared with neurosurgery in treating skull base disorders;
Plastic surgery in correcting cosmetic and traumatic deformities;
Ophthalmology in treating structural abnormalities near eye and watering from eye by end nasal DCR;
Oral surgery in treating jaw and dental trauma;
Dermatology in caring for skin cancers;
Oncology in managing head and neck cancers; and
Pediatrics and family practice in caring for common infectious, congenital, traumatic, and malignant (cancerous) diseases and disorders in the pediatric and general population.