Adenoids - Diagnosis & Treatment

26 February, 2022

Adenoids - Diagnosis & Treatment

Diagnosis of Adenoids 


Soft tissue lateral radiograph of nasopharynx will reveal the size of adenoid and also the extent to which nasopharyngeal air space has been compromised.


Nasal Endoscopy detail nasal examination should always be conducted to see extent and size of adenoids and to exclude the other causes of nasal obstruction.


Treatment of Adenoids 


  • When symptoms are not marked
  • Breathing exercise
  • Nasal decongestant drops
  • Antihistaminic medicines for coexistent nasal allergy
  • Can cure the situation without any need of surgery.


When symptoms are marked (persistent nasal obstruction, mouth breathing and ear infection is present)


Adenoidectomy is used to removal of adenoids.


  • It is safe procedure
  • It is elective procedure
  • Does in general anaesthesia
  • Endoscopic removal- nowadays we can do complete adenoid removal with the help of
  • Endoscope Totally under vision. There is no cut outside nose. Recovery is fast. Child can
  • Resume his normal activities just after 1-2 days of surgery.


For more information kindly consult with Dr. Sunil Tanvar

The blog is written by Dr. Megha Desai