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Cure your ENT problems with the best ENT doctor in Jaipur along with the team of best ENT surgeons and specialists. The ENT Department at the Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital diagnoses the diseases the ENT problems and provides treatment for the major diseases and injuries related to the ear, nose mouth, larynx, neck, sinuses, and pharynx. The problems related to the ears, nose, and throat can significantly impact life quality and can be reasonable lifetime disorders. If a person is suffering from chronic ENT problem, it is advisable that the patient should consult an otolaryngologist instead of a physician. The ears, nose and throat are one of the important parts of the body not just because they are the sensory organs and provide the sensation of hearing, smell and taste but their coordination provides a sense of balance to the individual.

Our best ENT doctor in Jaipur is well equipped to perform all major kinds of ENT surgeries along with head and neck operations with fully functional operation theater. For examples, we perform investigations such as audiometry, BERA, hearing aid, speech therapy, allergic testing, sleep study laboratory, and radiology. In addition to this, we also treat a wide range of conditions that affect the airway, voice, sinuses, speech, and hearing problems. A person suffers from ear infection when germs enter the ear and resides in the ear over a long time. This results in the building of fluid and mucus due to presence of growth of viruses and bacteria inside the ear. The top symptoms of the ear infections are recognized as ear pain, problem in balancing, hearing loss and continuous drainage from the ear.

A person suffering from ear, nose and throat disorders shows different symptoms in each of the specific conditions. Thus, proper diagnosis of the problem is of utmost importance so that the right treatment can be given to the patient. For example, in case of ear infections, ear pain, difficulty in hearing, discharge of fluid from ear, and loss of balance are some of the common symptoms. Although adults are also infected from this, ear infections are common in children particularly in children and toddlers.

Get consultation with the best ENT doctor in Jaipur to overcome major ENT problems

In addition to this, Sinusitis is another health problem that is treated by the best ENT doctor in Jaipur. It is suggested that if a person is suffering from symptoms such as cough, congestion, thick nasal discharge, fever, and headache, he/ she should immediately consult the doctor as the infection can result in severe inflammation, pain and pressure and pain in the nasal passage. This causes difficulty in breathing. Furthermore, Tonsillitis and Sleep Apnea are the major throat infection in the ENT related disorders. The Sleep Apnea is recognized as a disorder that causes obstruction in breathing while sleeping. This significantly disturbs the sleep at night and along with symptoms such as drowsiness at daytime, headache, mood swings, waking up frequently and inability to get a sound sleep.

The ENT Allergies can be caused by a number of sources such as medicines, dust particles, insects, mold, pets, food etc. It is important to get the treatment at the right time otherwise these can develop into long term ENT health issues. Our ENT specialists check for symptoms such as runny nose, coughing, sneezing, shortness of breath, fever and headache to recognize the presence of allergies. Our doctors suggest patients to go for an allergy test which is one of the primary steps for detecting allergies. This enables to find the exact cause of allergy and medicines can be provided accordingly to treat the allergies.

ENT problems cannot be completely avoided but our best ENT doctor in Jaipur recommends to take certain precautions so that the annoying headache and discomfort do not disturb our daily routine. Nose should be cleared regularly and you should avoid dusty rooms as dust can trigger allergies and itchy sensation in the nose. Moreover, to avoid hearing problems, the use of devices like earphones should be limited as it can affect the inner structure of your ear. It is also suggested that drink enough water and liquid to prevent dry throat as it causes irritation and may lead to dry coughing.