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Are you suffering from pelvic pain or diagnosed with endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease? The best Gynae Laparoscopic surgeon in Jaipur can recommend surgical procedures such as the diagnostic laparoscopy. This will help in examining the female reproductive organs for the detection of any gynaecological disease. One of the best alternatives to open surgery, the gynaecologists recommend the laparoscopic surgery to diagnose and treat a wide variety of gynaecological conditions such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, unexplained infertility, and pelvic pain, cancers of the reproductive organs, and ectopic pregnancy. Unlike open surgery that requires larger incisions, the laparoscopic surgery is minimally invasive and ensures less pain and scarring, greater relief and faster recovery to the patient.

The major surgeries that are performed by the Gynae Laparoscopic surgeon in Jaipur include Hysterectomy in which uterus is removed with or without the cervix, Myomectomy which involves removal of fibroids, sterilization (tubal ligation) along with surgery for treating different stages of Gynecologic cancer. The majority of patients who visit our hospital for procedures like hysterectomy can resume the routine activities just after a few weeks after the procedure. Although laparoscopic surgery is comparatively better than open surgery, every gynaecological condition cannot be treated through this procedure. Thus, consulting an experienced surgeon who has expertise in advanced laparoscopic surgical procedures is essential so that proper evaluation can be made regarding the choice of surgical treatment.

Laparoscopic Surgeon In Jaipur

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In severe conditions of endometriosis or extremely large tumors, open surgery is recommended. This is because treating a large area can be quite difficult for the surgeons as it involves excessive adhesions and scar tissue and can include other reproductive organs also. Thus, the decision to perform the laparoscopy surgery solely depends on the complications of the condition and the chances of successful healing and recovery of the patient. In addition to this, if the patient is overweight, old age, suffering from any heart or lung disease as well as any previous surgery had been done on the abdomen, in such conditions also the gynae laparoscopy cannot be performed.

Dr. Sushila Saini from Jaipur Doorbeen Hospital is the top Gynae Laparoscopic surgeon in Jaipur who has expertise in the field of newly developed gynae laparoscopy techniques. Robotic surgery is one such advanced technique that involves performing surgery with robotic hands instead of human hands. Based on the extremity of the condition the procedure might take around 15 minutes or more. The procedure involves making a small incision near the belly button where a thin instrument like a laparoscope is inserted through the cut and carbon dioxide gas is passed through the hole. This inflates the abdomen which makes the inside organs visible for performing the surgery.

In case some organ is required to be removed, the surgeon will make further small incisions near the lower abdomen through which the surgical instruments can be inserted. Moreover, to identify any blockage in the fallopian tubes, our surgeon injects colored dye through the cervix that passes into the uterus and then the fallopian tubes. In case there is a blockage in the tubes, the dye will not pass further and the surgeon can identify the exact location of the blockage. When the laparoscopic procedure ends, all the instruments are carefully taken out from the abdomen while the gas is allowed to escape through the laparoscope. Thereafter, the incisions are closed with stitches.

According to the Gynae Laparoscopic surgeon in Jaipur, the recovery time varies from patient to patient and also on the type of procedure performed. However, it is comparatively faster than open surgery. In some cases, a patient is sent home after a few hours of the surgery, but where the condition is severe, the patient is recommended for a minimum of two-three day stay at the hospital. Although there are no major side effects of the gynae laparoscopy procedure, the patient might feel a little amount of pain in the stomach and shoulders due to the gas that is used to inflate the abdomen. These side-effects are temporary. Our surgeons perform the procedure with great expertise and accuracy and therefore, we have recorded a high success rate in the gynae laparoscopic surgery.