What are Steps of RHINOPLASTY?

17 July, 2021

What are Steps of RHINOPLASTY?

​Steps of Rhinoplasty 

  • Incision

The first step of rhinoplasty is incisions that allow and access to the bony-cartilaginous framework of the nose.

  • Correction of nasal blockage

 In functional rhinoplasty, there are 3 primary components of the nose that are evaluated for repair that is nasal septum, the inferior turbinates and the nasal valves.

  • Nasal reshaping and resizing:

 A variety of procedures performed to obtain desired shape and size of the nose including osteotomy (to correct bony pyramid deformity), different types of sutures and grafts to changes size and shape of nose appearance.

  •  Closure of nose

Once the surgeon is satisfied with the appearance of the nose, the incisions are closed with very fine sutures. if meticulous closure done then usually there in no scar mark appears on incision line.  Splints are usually placed outside of the nose for 10 days to maintain stability during the early healing process. In cases of septal surgery, intranasal splints are also often used.